Hunted By Ducks

Hunted By Ducks 2.0

Another hunters' campaign brought the loss of four congeners for the peaceful ducks
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Hunted by Ducks is an arcade game from The game is free and most of the time its quality is not the best. However, Hunted by Ducks has a bit more to offer, just not much more.
After a hunting season when several of your duck friends where killed, the duck community takes action and sends a group of saboteurs against the hunters. However, the plan goes horribly wrong and just you and your small assistant were able to escape. Now you, as a combat duck, must clear the ponds from those dangerous hunters.

You control the duck with your mouse, so you are able to move around the screen. Your assistance, a small duckling, always follows you and is very trigger-happy, which can be annoying. This is because power ups bounce back when you shoot at them, so you must be careful not to hit them. Once you manage to settle with the controls and the weapons, you can actually have a good time with the game. The music does a big deal to allow the game to be a bit more entertaining. In the end, it is still a small casual game though.

Ismael Mireles
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